Aluminium Coating & Laminating Project


Activity Flexible Packaging Converter (Extrusion, Printing, Laminating and embossing)
Turnover 107 MUSD
Markets Flexible Packaging
Goals and Objetives
  • Implement a flexible – high performance line for Aluminum coating and laminating
  • Design a versatile application method to be abele to lacque, varnish, paint and apply glues on aluminum
  • 7 micron aluminum process and manipulation at high speed (400 m/min)


Key Steps
  • Materials and application analysis
  • Application method definition
  • Line customization
  • Implementation and operator’s training
Scope High productivity Aliminium coating and laminating line
  • Increased process productivity and decrease in total production process stepsOptimized material cost:
  • 12% variable cost optimization
  • Application quantities decreased by 50%
  • Improved time to market
Added Value
  • Technologies integration
  • Customization for a “client unique” application
  • Optimized variable production cost (OEE optimized view)