A special film coating and laminating line for multiple applications: from Protective film to Graphic Arts, using different kinds of plastic films: PE, LDPE, PET, PP, BOPP from 20 to 200 microns for protective films. PVC film (both monomeric and polymeric) for graphic arts. Flexible line with modular design in order to adapt to the specific requirements in terms of several processes integration.


Manufacturer of adhesive tapes and protective films for multiple applications.


Adhesive tapes, Protective films: mirror & glass safety, car protection, electronics, labelling, Graphic arts.

Main key steps of the project

  • NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement) between the client and ILAMCO to ensure confidentiality of the exchanged information.
  • Customized solution definition according to specific customer requirements in terms of line flexibility (materials and applications).
  • Detailed design of the line.
  • Engineering Project validation.
  • Production process with periodical meetings with the client in order to follow up the construction process, discuss any technical issues and validate a perfect alignment of the Project with the client’s objectives.
  • Assembly and commissioning.
  • FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) in ILAMCO facilities.
  • Disassembly and expedition.
  • Assembly, start up and SAT (Site Acceptance Test) in client’s facilities.
  • Production Ramp-up follow-up & Operational practices improvement.
  • Sustainable long-lasting partner relationship in order to ensure the good fulfilment of the objectives of the Project.
film Coating And Laminating Line

Technological solution scope

Multi-process coating, printing and laminating line composed by the following elements:

  • Double-turret unwinders and rewinder with automatic splicing & load/unloading system.
  • Water based adhesive application head with double application system: “Kiss Coating+ mayer bar” and “Rotogravure System”.
  • “Direct gravure” and “Kiss coating” + “mayer bar” application coating head for low viscosity solvent base adhesive.
  • High efficiency drying tunnel (6 modules x 3mtrs) powered by natural gas.
  • IR hood with 6 radiation lamps.
  • Laminating unit with calander and laminator roll for film laminated production.

Key Technology Achievements

  • High processing speed line with non-stop unwinds and rewind units.
  • Combinable double coating head.

Business added value

  • Flexible & high productivity coating and laminating line.
  • Wide range of products to be manufactured allows approaching new markets.