Multiprocess Line Coating + Laminating + Printing Project


Activity Adhesive Plastic Film Converter
Turnover 70 M€
Markets Adhesive films for:
  • Industrial applications
  • Automotive
  • Medical

Goals and Objetives

  • Multi-process line: Coating + Laminating + Printing
  • High productivity while flexibility to process a wide variety of products and applications.


Key Steps Technology consulting, understand the market and define:

  • Application needs and methods
  • Material handling systems
  • Printing and lamination on line applications
  • Customized technology engineering and design
  • Line construction and implementation
Scope Multi process coating, printing and laminating line for adhesive film applications
Results 45 meters line doing all the processes in lineFlexibility to work with a wide range of products and applicationsProduct final quality with optimized variable production costs
Added Value Our unique ability as a company to understand the client need, based on a final product, and design the best quality and efficient technology to be able to penetrate the market being at the same time competitive in price and outstanding in product final quality.