Solid Board Lamination Line Project


Activity Converted Solid board products
Turnover 42 MUSD
Markets Laminated cardboards for Agriculture and Building applications
Goals and Objetives
  • High performance laminating line allowing multi-layer and multi-material laminations up to 1500 gr/m2
  • In line register cut system being able to deliver final product in reel or in palletized


Key Steps
  • Line definition
  • Materials an layers configurations
  • Line engineering
  • Line construction
  • Line start-up and installation
Scope Laminating line for cardboard applications. Mailnly dedicated to Solid board
  • High performance Reel to Reel and Reel to Sheet laminating line
  • Up to 6 simultaneous layers to be laminated on 1 process
  • In line cutting system able to cut and palletize up to 1500 gr/m2 sheets
Added Value
  • High speed and flexible laminating line
  • Possibility to work with plastics, boards and aluminum foils without adjustments on the line
  • Possibility to work with different adhesives, from water based to solvent based and solvent-less adhesives