Coating lines

We customize our coating lines in order to suit specific requirements

  • Coated materials/carriers: from papers, plastic films and aluminium foils to steel (until 4mm), non-woven, spunlace, composites, carbon fibers or special fabrics.
  • Coating/adhesives: from solvent-based/less adhesives, and water-based glues, to lacquers…
  • Applications: from packaging, labels, adhesive tapes to protective films, lacquered aluminium, pre-pregs…
  • In line processes to be integrated: printing, embossing, laminating, sheeting and/or slitting, stacking…
  • Client plant layout configuration.
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Coating lines

Coil and foil aluminium

Because of its exceptional barrier properties, aluminium is used across a wide range of applications. From flexible and other packaging to protect foods, beverages, drugs and cosmetics to building/construction, isolation or heating/air-conditioning.

Coil and foil aluminium coating lines
Coating Lines

Paper and cardboard

Paper is becoming more and more important on the packaging industry as environmental friendly packaging is one of the levers that is taking more attention on industrial strategic plans.

Paper and cardboard coating lines
Coating Lines

Plastic film

Plastic films are mostly used for packaging, protective films, stickers, seals, labels and a wide range of other graphic applications. The most commonly used plastic films are Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE), Polypropylene (PP), Bioriented Polypropylene (BOPP) or Polyester (PET).

Plastic film coating lines
Coating Lines

Special fabrics

In combination with other materials, or used alone, special fabrics such as non-woven textiles are used to create a wide range of products for many applications in consumer and industrial sectors with diverse properties.

Special fabrics coating lines