Technologies / Laminating Lines

We customize our coating & laminating lines in order to suit specific requirements.

  • Multilayer laminated materials / carriers to be processed: from papers, boards, plastic films, aluminium foils, non-woven, spunlace, composites, carbon fibers to special fabrics.
  • Used coating / adhesives: from solvent-based/less adhesives to water-based glues.
  • Applications: from packaging, labels, adhesive tapes for multiple applications (medical, construction,…)
  • In line processes to be integrated: printing, embossing, laminating, sheeting and/or slitting, stacking…
  • Client plant layout configuration
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Laminating Lines

Foil Aluminium

Among all its properties, Foil lamination with other materials enhances the product integrity thanks to its water & heat resistance, opacity for light sensitive products and vapor barrier characteristics. It is used across a wide range of applications.

Foil Aluminium Laminating Lines
Laminating Lines

Paper & Cardboard

Papers boards and natural fiber based materials have their limitations in terms of aspect and performance, but once laminated they can outperform other materials such as plastic or foams.

Paper & Cardboard Laminating Lines
Laminating Lines

Plastic Film

Films and multilayer material, also known as complex, is a combination of two or more layers including films with different properties, aluminium foil/s, paper/s, board/s & solid board/s or any other special material and fabrics.

Plastic Film Laminating Lines
Laminating Lines

Special Fabrics

In combination with other materials, special fabrics such as non-woven textiles are used to create a wide range of products for many applications in consumer and industrial sectors with diverse properties.

Special Fabrics Laminating Lines