Thin & Special Papers Sheeters

Short Run

The Short Run is a specially engineered solution for those clients seeking for flexibility and rapid change over times while ensuring an high performance cut and stack process with the best output quality.

The machine can process from 1 to 4 simultaneous paper reels and can integrate inline printing and waxing processes as per client demand.

Materials: Thin Paper / Wrap paper


Technical Data
Maximum web width 160 mm (63″)
Maximum reels diameter O.D. 1.270 mm (50’’)
Maximum and minimum slit web width 508/203 mm (20’’ / 8’’)
Maximum and minimum sheet length 203/508 mm (8’’ / 20’’)
Maximum stacker height 100 mm (4’’)
Cut loading From 24 gr/m2 to 300 gr/m2. (14,5-180 lbs per 3000 sq ft)
Maximum mechanichal speed 200 m/min (655 ft/min)

Solution added value

  • High performance register cut
  • Stacking system: star Wheel

Multi Roll

Technical Data 
Web width 2200 mm (65″)
Mechanical Speed 150 m/min
Reels diameter Up to 2.000 mm (78’’)
Design knife  dead-knife
Papers from 18gr/m2 to 350 gr/m2
Stacking system star wheel
Sheet format Multiple lane longitudinal cut / transversal cut: from 200mm to 800mm.
Automatic inspection & finishing options

Solution added value

High performance cut: till 13 reels with register cutt.