Design and construction of precision embossing line for beer labels paper. Automatic line should be able to process different materials as metallized paper, plane paper, laminates, etc.


Labeling solutions


Food & Beverages, Wine & Spirit

Main key steps of the project

  • NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement) between the client and ILAMCO to ensure confidentiality of the exchanged information.
  • Customized solution definition according to specific customer requirements in terms of line flexibility (materials and applications).
  • Detailed design of the line.
  • Engineering Project validation.
  • Production process with periodical meetings with the client in order to follow up the construction process, discuss any technical issues and validate a perfect alignment of the Project with the client’s objectives.
  • Assembly and commissioning.
  • FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) in ILAMCO facilities.
  • Disassembly and expedition.
  • Assembly, start up and SAT (Site Acceptance Test) in client’s facilities.
  • Sustainable long-lasting partner relationship in order to ensure the good fulfilment of the objectives of the Project.

Technological solution scope

Independent embossing line for beer labels composed by the following units:

  • Special shaft-less unwinder with web guide system and splices detector.
  • Embossing unit with interchangeable system (for other patterns) with
  • Steel/Paper embossing rollers.
  • Shafted rewinder unit for carefully wound high quality embossed reels.

Key Technology Achievements

  • Interchangeable system allowing easy pattern changes
  • Embossing unit design allows combine either Steel/Paper rollers system or Steel/Steel rollers system.
  • Splices detector is combined with a special hydraulic circuit to get fast reaction when embossing rollers should be opened to avoid splices effect.

Business added value

  • Improved market presence thanks to easy changes and reduced dead times to produce a wide range of products (different patterns and different materials).