Embossing lines for paper, plastic and aluminium

We designed and manufactured several embossing lines for different materials and specifications.

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At ILAMCO, with our specific approach of customized turnkey projects, we developed an important engineering, process and PMO methodology and know-how to manufacture and deliver customized converting lines.

Besides embossing, our lines can be equipped with other in-line processes such as coating, lamination, printing (flexo), perforation, die-cutting, sheeting and stacking and any packing and palletizing automated solution.

We processed the following materials:

  • Papers, special papers, boards and solid boards
  • Labels
  • Plastic films
  • Aluminium foils
  • Non-wovens and other special fabrics
  • Tissue
  • Laminates


  • Single or turret with flying splice at max. production speed
  • Minimum width: 300 mm
  • Maximum width: 2200 mm
  • Shafted or shaftless
  • Roll diameters up to 2000 mm
  • Perfect winding accuracy and programmable tension according to material thickness and stretchability

Embossing with customized patterns

  • Steel/steel rollers
  • Steel/paper
  • Rubber for foil aluminium applications


  • Embossing
  • Perforation: mechanical or laser
  • Tension control

Different stacking system for reel to sheet/format process

  • Vacuum system*: small formats (50-200mm)
  • Star wheel system*: Medium formats (150-500mm)
  • Accumulator and carrousel nippers: large formats (500-1000mm) and folding

Rewinding system for reel to roll process

  • Single or turret with flying splice at maximum production speed.
  • Shaftless or shafted.
  • Roll diameters up to 1600 mm.
  • Perfect winding accuracy according to material thickness/microns.
  • Programmable tensions adapted to specific materials and web path.

Automatic loading and packing systems

Business Cases

Here you can find Business Cases related to this technology and materials.

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