Since 1962, KMEC developed important engineering & manufacturing know-how in converting lines serving clients all over the Globe.

ILAMCO acquired Kmec brand and intellectual property, giving continuity to its activity. Since then, we manufacture and service Kmec technology.

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KMEC Sheeters

sheeter, kmec
KMEC Dreamcut

Paper & Board

The Dreamcut is a line of precision sheeters designed by KMEC for use on a wide range of papers and boards. Specially conceived for converters it delivers accurate “press ready” sheets guaranteed to meet the demands of the printing and packaging markets.

Kmec Dreamcut line
KMEC Short Run / Multi Roll

Thin & Special Papers

The Short Run is a specially engineered solution for those clients seeking for flexibility and rapid change over times while ensuring an efficient industrial cut and stack process with the best output quality. The Multi Roll has a high performance cut.

Kmec Short Run / Multi Roll Line

Label & Small Format

The Label CS offers the possibility of performing a variety of formats in small sheets and labels. It is recognized by main players of the industry as an highly efficient sheeter for paper and plastic labels, patch labels, wrap around papers and inmould labels.

Kmec Label CS Line

KMEC Rewinders

rewinder, kmec

Small Roll Rewinders KRO

The Semiautomatic KRO is a rewinder specifically designed for the production of small rolls. It is a fully automatic slitter rewinder machine for a wide range of small paper rolls and paper based laminated films.

Kmec Small Roll Rewinders KRO

Paper & Plastic Slitters

The keyslits line is designed to slit and rewind finished reels for various applications from consumer rolls to web fed printing presses. The keyslits have the flexibility and versatility to adapt to a wide range of materials and formats, namely: papers, auto-adhesive papers and films, boards and films, tissue paper, plain, printed, coated or laminated.

Kmec Paper & Plastic Slitters
KMEC Services

Revamping & Upgrades

At ILAMCO, we focus on taking your production to new levels by adapting, revamping and upgrading your technology to your specific needs. Thanks to our specific project management approach and engineering know-how in converting, coating & laminating solutions, we are able to analyze your existing machinery, regardless of manufacturer, understand your company and industry requirements and deliver a customized solution to help your business innovate in process or product to achieving differential strategic advantages.

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KMEC Services

Official Technical Support

At ILAMCO, we provide technical assistance and maintenance support to converting, coating and laminating lines all around the world. We focus not only in attending our customer’s needs, but also we offer solutions to any converting, coating and laminating machine, regardless of manufacturer. Our experienced team is highly qualified to face any technical demand. If you have any technical problems do not hesitate to contact us. Also, we are the only authorized official service of Kmec machines in the world.

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