Paper bag end of line

The paper bag end of line automation solution is conceived for the inspection, handling, stacking, boxing and palletizing, to process different kind of paper bags either with or without handle.

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Technological solution scope

  • Extraction unit specially designed for the extracction of the bags from the output drum.
  • The system is prepared to easily switch from manual to automatic finishing
  • Inspection and non-conformities handling unit: the bags are inspected one by one
    • Closed box to isolate the inspection unit
    • Special grip conveyor system
    • Artificial vision cameras system to detect:
      • Handles inspection criteria
      • Bottom inspection criteria
      • Print inspection system
    • Led lighting lamps
    • Pneumatic trapdoor expulsion system
  • Bag pre-stacking unit
  • Stacking unit
  • Automatic palletizer / Manual palletizer
  • Electrical equipment
  • Safety and operational standards

Key Technology Achievements

  • Inspection bag by bag of bottoms and handles with high-definition articficial vision system.
  • Ensurance a zero non-conformities in final packed production.
  • Expulsion of non-conformities via process diverter.
  • Stacking process for packs of X units, as required.
  • Possibility of head-to-tail disposal.
  • Palletization of stacks according to given distribution.
  • Achieving:
    • 144 min in average of autonomous production
    • 85% reduction of the variable costs in the paper bags manufacturing operations.
    • Standardized productivity management system