Cut and Stack


LABEL CS is our high performance Cut and Stack solution for small formats suitable for paper, flexible plastics and aluminium.
With a wide range of applications, the ILAMCO's LABEL CS is widely spread for cut and stack label converting with applications such as wet-glue labels, in mould labels and digital printers finishing, and performing different materials such as papers, metallized papers, plastic films, aluminium foils, laminates, etc..

Technological solution scope

  • Special shaftless unwinder with high precision web guide system.
  • Embossing unit with interchangeable system for different patterns with steel/paper embossing rollers.
  • Main longitudinal and transversal register cut unit for Cut & Stack labels.
    • 4 sets of longitudinal slitting knives
    • High precision register transversal cut (+/- 0,15 mm)
    • Special transport section to pile small formats and automatically deliver to the finishing section
  • Automatic finishing line integrating following processes:
    • Superior cardboards inserter
    • Labels vibration unit
    • Compression and turning unit
    • Label logs storage and automatic connection to guillotine or punching line

Allows the client to customize the solution adapting it to its specific needs.


From printed reel to ready to ship label stacks, with different finishing module configurations for a fully automated line.


+/- 0,15 mm in printed labels and automatic squareness adjustment.

  • Embossing
  • Micro-perforation
  • Inspection
  • Others on demand

Up to 2000 cuts per minute.


Allows fully automated connection to palletizers or die cutting units for shaped labels.


Access corridor for motors and electronic connections.

  • Automation: 1 step process
  • +50% productivity
  • Reduction of labor and maintenance costs
  • Reduction of waste 1% – 5% VS guillotine
  • ROI less than 1.5 years

Technical data

*Others on demand

Web width
800 / 1.000 / 1.200 mm (31.50 / 39.37 / 47.24 ”)
Maximum reels diameter
1.000 mm (39.37”)
Minimum / maximum cut length
50 / 300 mm (1.97 / 11.81 ”)
Materials to be processed
Paper < 30 gsm (6,5 lbs) Metallized paper < 50 gsm (11 lbs) Tobacco complexes < 70 gsm (15 lbs) BOPP < 38 µm Polyethylene < 40 µm Shrinkable film-pvc < 40 µm
Maximum mechanical speed
200 m/min (655 ft/min) or 2.000 cuts/minute

Final applications

The most efficient way to supply film labels, typically for the beverage industry in cut & stack

From the reel to the final label. With a cut accuracy of ±0.15 mm and a production speed up to 200 m/min or 2000 cuts/min, the LABEL CS is capable of producing up to 1 million beer labels per hour.

Wet-glue applied
Square packs of labels can be produces in the LABEL CS machine in a fully automatic way. Additionally, a punching machine can be integrated in line in order to get the final shaped labels in only one production line.

The best performances for the IML: A complementary market for the LABEL CS machine; keeping our standard accuracy and productivity labels.

The sleeves market is also part of the LABEL CS range of application. The highest speed will allow you to supply within the shortest delivery times.

LABEL CS machine represents the ideal cut & stack solution.

Format paper
Multiple formats with the manual version of the LABEL CS.
An easy way to produce packs of small formats (A5, A4, A3, etc)
Big formats with automatic exit
Photo paper with automatic exit. It handles either one glossy side or two glossy sides.

Key Technology Achievements

  • Modular design of the line allows great flexibility to adapt to the specific requirements in terms of combination and integration of the various finishing processes of each type of label (punching, squared, banding, etc..)
  • High process speed and excellent cutting and stacking accuracy.
  • The automation of all integrated processes achieves a fully automatic line of label production and packaging.
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