Engineering & manufacturing of high productivity multi-process label cut and stack lines integrating embossing, cut & stack, guillotine and punching processes in line. With applications such us Wet Glue Labels, In Mould Label Cut and Digital Printed Labels, Ilamco Label cut and stack line process at high performance different materials such as papers, metallized papers, plastic films, aluminium foils, laminates, etc..


Labeling products (cut & stack, heat transfer, In Mould, shrink sleeve)


Labels for Food & Beverages, Wine & Spirit, Home & Personal Care sectors.

Main key steps of the project

  • NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement) between the client and ILAMCO to ensure confidentiality of the exchanged information.
  • Customized solution definition according to specific customer requirements in terms of line flexibility (materials and applications).
  • Detailed design of the line.
  • Engineering Project validation.
  • Production process with periodical meetings with the client in order to follow up the construction process, discuss any technical issues and validate a perfect alignment of the Project with the client’s objectives.
  • Assembly and commissioning.
  • FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) in ILAMCO facilities.
  • Disassembly and expedition.
  • Assembly, start up and SAT (Site Acceptance Test) in client’s facilities.
  • Production Ramp-up follow-up & Operational practices improvement.
  • Sustainable long-lasting partner relationship in order to ensure the good fulfilment of the objectives of the Project.

Productivity calculator

label cut and stack line

Technological solution scope

  • Special shaftless unwinder with high precision web guide system.
  • Embossing unit with interchangeable system for different patterns with Steel/Paper embossing rollers.
  • Main longitudinal and transversal register cut unit for cut&stack labels.
    • 4 sets of longitudinal slitting knives
    • High precision register transversal cut (+/- 0,2mm)
    • Special transport section to pile small formats and automatically deliver to the finishing section.
  • Automatic finishing line integrating following processes:
    • Superior cardboards inserter
    • Labels Vibration unit
    • Compression and turning unit
    • Label locks storage and automatic connection to guillotine or punching line.

Key Technology Achievements

  • Modular design of the line allows great flexibility to adapt to the specific requirements in terms of combination and integration of the various finishing processes of each type of label (punching, squared, banding, etc..)
  • Label production line with high process speed and excellent cutting and stacking accuracy.
  • The automation of all integrated processes achieves a fully automatic line of label production and packaging.

Business added value

  • High productivity line increasing 35% in productivity compared to the conventional sheet guillotine system.
  • Improved market presence thanks to a wide range of products (different label forms and different materials) to be produced in the same line.
  • Reduction of the labour cost thanks to the integration of multiple processes in a single line.