ILAMCO is in the Industry 4.0 era, delivering Factory Automation (FA) and digital transformation straight to the factory floor.

Factory Automation

Considering a shrinking skilled labor force (operators, maintenance, engineers) and its rising costs among emerging economies together with a higher sophisticated and complex processes flow at the production floor, our clients need innovative factory automation solutions combining robot/cobots, IoT devices and other technological elements, in order to achieve differential strategic advantages.

Thanks to our historical know-how, at ILAMCO, we have developed in the last 10 years an important engineering, process and manufacturing know-how in FA (Factory Automation) turnkey solutions created in ILAMCO's Factory Automation Competence Center (FACC) are setting new standards in the industries we are working with.

We understand your materials, operations and industry requirements so we can adapt properly our solutions to your specific requirements to be integrated in an existing line or in a new turnkey project.

FA turnkey solutions created in ILAMCO’s FA Competence Center (FACC) are setting new standards in the industries we are working with.

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Factory Automation + IoT elements

Digital Transformation

The ongoing digitalisation of converting, coating and lamination lines and connected machinery offers tremendous possibilities for manufacturers. Thanks to Factory Automation and IoT elements, the digital transformation accelerates in most of the industrial sectors to enhance the operations through data driven models. At ILAMCO, we develop and integrate customized digital solutions in our turnkey projects.

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Business Cases

Here you can find business cases related to this technology and materials.