Label Cut & Stack by KMEC

The Label Cut & Stack offers the possibility of performing a variety of formats in small sheets and labels. With the ability to regiter cut paper, matelized paper, plastif films (BOPP, PE, PET, HDPE, etc.) and aliminium foil it is used and recognized by main players of the industry as the best in class solution in terms of efficiency and output.

Wrap around

The LABEL CS has been designed to produce pre‐cut labels of any material, directly from printed reels. Its versatility allows processing a wide range of formats and rotogravure, flexography or offset printed materials. Also, an embossing unit can be included.

Direct from the Plain or Printed reel

Label CS improves productivity due to its capacity of multitasking in a single process. Comparing with traditional processing method, this sheeter reduce the process steps necessary for small format labels resulting in a time processing reduction and cost saving.

A wide range of formats for various markets

The Label CS offers the possibility of processing a wide range of formats covering a range of inline slitting and a cut length from 50 mm up to 300 mm. Additionally, this sheeter is designed for different materials, namely: paper, film, injek photo paper, BOPP, metalized paper, polyethylene, etc.

Label CS and Cutter SF

With its market unique stacking system, our small formats cut and stack solutions are able to process a wide variety of materials (paper, plastic and aluminum) while keeping it outstanding process speed (200 mts/min) and productivity. The modular design offers the opportunity to include the following optional modules according to your business´s need : Automatic exit delivery; Card Inserter; Embossing; Perforating or Die cutting. The innovation design of this line allows a simple and efficient installation with low-maintenance requirements.

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Technical Data

Working web width net
1.000 mm (39,37″)
max. 200 mpm (600 fpm)
Number of cuts per minute
2000 cuts/min
Sheet length
min 50 mm (2’’)max 300 mm (12’’)
Length ± 0,2 mm (0.008″)Square ± 0,15 mm (0.006’’)


minimum 38 microns
minimum 30 g (11 lbs)
Metalized paper
minimum 50 g (11 lbs)
Tobacco complexes
minimum 70 g (15 lbs)
minimum 40 microns
Shrinkable film-pvc
minimum 40 microns
kmec label cut and stack

LABEL CS productivity calculator

Business Case

Label CS – Cut & Stack Automatic Line

Engineering & manufacturing of a high productivity multi-process line integrating embossing, cut & stack, guillotine and punching processes for labels packs. Automatic line should be able to process different materials as metallized papers, plastics, aluminium foils, laminates, etc.

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