Engineering and manufacturing of an integrated online printing and sheeting line for wrap paper. Developed thanks to our high technology and know how on light weight paper. Decreased production cost and machinery investment cost. The line integrates inline flexographic printing.


Top company in the solid board and food packaging industry


Wrap paper / Speciality papers / Food papers / Food packaging

Main key steps of the project

  • NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement) between the client and ILAMCO to ensure confidentiality of the exchanged information.
  • Customized solution definition according to specific customer requirements in terms of line flexibility (materials and applications).
  • Detailed design of the line.
  • Engineering project validation.
  • Production process with periodical meetings with the client in order to follow up the construction process, discuss any technical issues and validate a perfect alignment of the Project with the client’s objectives.
  • Assembly and commissioning.
  • FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) in ILAMCO facilities.
  • Disassembly and expedition.
  • Assembly, start up and SAT (Site Acceptance Test) in client’s facilities.
  • Production ramp-up follow-up & operational practices improvement.
  • Sustainable long-lasting partner relationship in order to ensure the good fulfilment of the objectives of the project.

Technological solution scope

Integration of printing and sheeting processes in a single production line with the following units:

  • Shaftless unwinder.
  • Flexographic printing (6 colours).
  • Layout machine ready for coating online process.
  • Web guiding system.
  • Transversal dead knife rotary cutter with high accuracy.
  • Star wheel system for wrap stacking.
  • Special filming and labelling for finishing process.

Key Technology Achievements

  • Multi process line: printing, slitting, cutting and stacking.
  • 6 flexographic colors printing with high precision cut to print of typical wrapping paper used in food industry.
  • Easy adjustable pile tools for stacking.
  • High speed production of thin wrap paper sheets packages.
  • Easy manage and fast changeovers.
  • Customized finishing processes adapted to client’s requirements.

Business added value

  • Increased productivity thanks to high speed material processing.
  • Reduction of production labour cost thanks to the integration of printing process and fully automation.
  • Easy jobs’ setup and easy operation allowing to process medium and low volume jobs, at low production cost.