A new silicone coating line with: optimized silicone application quantity per square meter: (0,3 to 1grs/m2), increased process speed: (400 mts/min.), inline flexographic three colour printing.


Paper converting company (speciality thin paper)


Sanitary paper / Food graded paper / Paper bags

Main key steps of the project

  • NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement) between the client and ILAMCO to ensure confidentiality of the exchanged information.
  • Customized solution definition according to specific customer requirements in terms of line flexibility (materials and applications).
  • Detailed design of the line.
  • Engineering Project validation.
  • Production process with periodical meetings with the client in order to follow up the construction process, discuss any technical issues and validate a perfect alignment of the Project with the client’s objectives.
  • Assembly and commissioning.
  • FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) in ILAMCO facilities.
  • Disassembly and expedition.
  • Assembly, start up and SAT (Site Acceptance Test) in client’s facilities.
  • Production Ramp-up follow-up & Operational practices improvement.
  • Sustainable long-lasting partner relationship in order to ensure the good fulfilment of the objectives of the Project.
Silicone Coating Line

Technological solution scope

  • Automatic non-stop shaftless turret unwinder.
  • 3 servo driven flexo-stack printing units.
  • Offset gravure coating head for solvent less silicone application.
  • Drying section with driven rolls arched (12 modules x 3 mtrs).
  • Direct Natural Gas burner
  • Cooling system with 3 chill rolls calenders.
  • Steam humidifier and web conditioning system.
  • Automatic non-stop shaftless turret type rewinder.

Key Technology Achievements

  • High speed silicone coating head.
  • High quality silicone application: 300m/mn – till 0,3 gr/m2 application on 1700mm width
  • Easy operation and fast changeovers with high productivity equipment.

Business added value

  • Increased productivity thanks to high speed and non-stop automatic systems.
  • Improved time to market thanks to high speed production.
  • Optimized variable production cost (OEE optimized view) thanks to multiple processes in-line.
  • Penetration to new market sectors thanks to less production due to low silicone application.