Hot Melt Coating Line

  • High precision register coating application
  • Compact line suitable for both wax and hot-melt application

Wax and hot melt coating line

Special Coating and Laminating Line

  • Integration of all the processes in line: high productivity
  • Wide range of shapes and measures: new products and markets

Multi-process line

film Coating And Laminating Line

  • Flexible & high productivity line
  • Wide range of products

Flexible film coating and laminating line

Film and Paper coating and laminating line

  • Higher flexibility of the line
  • High added value in one-step process

Film & paper coating and laminating line

  • Improved time-to-market
  • Multiple processes in-line
  • New market sectors

Silicone coating line

Aluminium Foil Coating and Laminating

  • Double application: different materials and thicknesses
  • Improved time-to-market
  • Optimized OEE

Aluminium foil coating & laminating line